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ED Leash Vario 6 Lite
ED Leash Vario 6 Lite
ED Leash Vario 6 Lite

ED Leash Vario 6 Lite

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Who knew a dog training lead could be so awesome! The Vario 6 multi-function snap hook leash performs six dog controlling actions including leash shortening, traffic control and our hands-free dog leash feature making the Vario 6 one cool leash.


  • LITE Vario 6 multi-function leash fits dogs under 11kgs
  • Converts from a 5 ft. leash to a 3 ft. leash in seconds
  • Works as a hands-free leash
  • Can be used as either a short or a long tether
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Soft yet extremely strong and durable
  • Colors: Black, Red
  • Add a Zero Shock Extension




The Vario 6 LITE dog leash is designed with our smaller friends in mind. This versatile 6-Way leash can convert a 6 ft. long lead to a 3 ft. traffic leash in seconds. Safety is important that's why all of our Vario dog leashes are stitched with high visibility light reflective webbing.  The Lite webbing comes in at only a 1/2 inch wide and you get a lightweight, strong leash that helps control those small, but quick little fellas.