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Drontal Allwormer Dog
Drontal Allwormer Dog
Drontal Allwormer Dog
Drontal Allwormer Dog

Drontal Allwormer Dog

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Proven and trusted complete gastrointestinal worm treatment for dogs.Drontal is recommended for the control of all gastrointestinalworms in dogs including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm(including hydatid tapeworm).Drontal is available in tablet form and now in a tasty liverchew which your dog will love.Drontal is a formulation of three distinctly different provendrugs offering the broadest spectrum of activity. The synergisticfebantel/pyrantel combination is active against roundworms andhookworms and is highly effective against whipworms. Praziquantelprovides a superb level of efficiency against all the major tapeworms.


  • Powerful - Controls all gastrointestinal worms in a singletreatment.
  • Effective - Drontal offers gentle, effective control of allworms.
  • Convenient - It may be given safely to all dogs including oldanimals, young pups, working dogs and greyhounds.
  • Economical - One treatment controls all gastrointestinalworms.
  • User Friendly - Accuracy of dosage guaranteed and wastageminimised 10 and 35 kg dosage tablets.

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. 9643 
Refer to the label for all product information

Active Constituents
50mg Praziquantel; 145mg Pyrantel embonate; 150mg Febantel



Why dogs love Drontal Chewables so much?

  • Made with real liver - the taste dogs love
  • 98% of dogs ate the chew within 3 minutes in palatability trials
  • Proven, unmatched efficacy against all major gastro-intestinal parasites
  • No more wrestling matches when administering to dogs
  • Easier to get into a regular worming routine as most dogs see Drontal Chews as a delicious liver treat
  • Unique ingredients proven through research to be more effective than any other intestinal worming treatment on the market
  • Australian innovation - developed and manufactured locally
  • Protects the health of your dog and your family


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