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Platinum Ranch Deer Treats
Platinum Ranch Deer Treats
Platinum Ranch Deer Treats

Platinum Ranch Deer Treats

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Ultimate Deer Mix

contains 100% natural New Zealand venison products, manufactured locally to produce a premium, uniquely kiwi canine treat.
Ultimate Deer Mix is comprised of deer brisket, heart and tongue; packed full of protein and low in fat. No salt, additives or preservatives have been added to this product, to ensure a healthy unprocessed product for your dog.
Ultimate Deer Mix is packed full of delicious goodness, in a conveniently resealable 90-gram pouch, so your dog or puppy will never get bored with the same treat again! 

Dried Deer Liver

is a delicious treat for dogs of any size. Sourced from the finest deer from across New Zealand then dried and that's it!!

No added colours, preservatives or additives, just 100% natural deer liver.

These Livers snap to the desired size, perfect no matter what size dog you have. All this with the bonus of a 90-gram resealable bag, ideal for carrying with you so you never forget to reward your pooch's good behaviour.

Deer Jerky

is a treat that will tantalise your dog's taste buds, the perfect reward and a great training tool for puppies and dog's of all ages.
Deer Jerky is 100% natural New Zealand venison. Simply air dried to seal in the natural flavours and goodness. Absolutely no salt. flavours or preservatives are added to these treats, making them perfect for dogs with food sensitivities.

Each conveniently resealable pouch contains 90 grams of high protein, low fat deer jerky.