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Guy Fawkes

Are your pets afraid of Guy Fawkes ?

Here are some tips to keeping them safe and comfortable.


1. Familiar Noise

Turn the TV or Radio on to drown out some of the noise, your pet is less likely to react to the fire works.

2. Close the curtains 

This will eliminate the constant flashes that can also be disorientating for your pet.

3. Bring Small pets inside

Small pets such as Rabbits and Guinea Pigs die from shock during this season.

Bring them inside at night, making sure they have plenty of bedding and a place to hide and feel safe.

 4. Be Proactive 

Visit your neighbours and ask whether they intend to let fire works off.

5. Move live stock into a paddock they are familiar with.

Live stock have a natural fright and flight reaction, this often ends up with them going through fences.

Having stock in a paddock they are familiar with and with other animals that are calm can help them through this time.

If you are able to move your live stock close to the house so you can monitor them, will help alot and give you peace of mind.

6. Puppies 

It is a great time to teach your puppies that they are safe and the fire works are not "scary". Take them outside with the noise and lights and play with them as if nothing is happening they will feed off of your energy. This is a positive reaction teaching them from a young age is very important.

7. Natural Remedies 

There are plenty of natural calming remedies available to support your pet through the stress.


8. Thundershirt

The Thundershirt applies gentle constant pressure similar to swaddling an infant. This makes them feel secure and comfortable





Make sure you know your vets number and where the nearest emergency vet is in case of injury. 

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